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PJM Rental provide unrivalled services for the Car Rental industry

We connect with globally renowned leaders providing professional valeting and Delivery & Collection services.

We prepare vehicles ready to rent at Airport & City locations throughout the UK. With a nationwide presence and through PJM Rental we are able to offer high standards and detailed services which keep us focussed and allow us to meet your requirements.

  • Our nationwide Valeting services include De-fleet, Remarketing and Retail Valeting at Auction Centres; Car Supermarkets & Dealerships and Event Services. 

  • Delivering the complete 360 range of Fleet Services, from BVRLA Inspections to Body Shop, Imagery and Mechanical services all under one roof from Bristol and Coventry.

  • Award winning Truck Stop, based in Coventry, we are the Midlands premier Truck Stop destination for lorry drivers with secure parking and unrivalled facilities.

  • We connect with globally renowned Car Rental leaders providing professional Valeting and delivery and collection services, preparing vehicles ready to rent across the UK.

  • Providing Manned Guards to the Automotive Industry we also extend to other industries applying Security Contract and Event services to a number of clients.

  • A Vehicle Management System created by the automotive experts for the industry leaders. A multifunctional management user system, always live, at every point of the process.


Delivery & Collection

For global Rental Brands that need cost efficient and effective Delivery & Collection, we can stretch expectations beyond just cost for you by using our Delivery & Collection process and have vehicles ready to go with maximum efficiency. With a wealth of experience working with the leading rental leaders, our Rental sector has strong growth due to our innovation to develop better processes and with a network of drivers across the UK we are able to provide cross over locations and drivers who work not just as a team but nationally connecting sites. A real hands on experience to deliver beyond expectations with attention to detail.

City and Airports

Working in the hub of cities or at major airports, we provide Delivery & Collection and valeting across the UK and turn around vehicles ready to go from busy rental outfits to more unique locations, all of which to suit your customer needs. We understand flexibility is priority to our clients and custom fit our services to suit our clients’ demands.

During peak times when working facilities are at full capacity, PJM Rental use a Waterless Cleaner to prepare Vehicles with a fully equipped trolley to prepare the vehicles where it was returned. This efficient process speeds up peak time turnaround and enables us to work at remote locations where there are no facilities at all.

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About us

PJM Rental is the fruition of PJM Valeting and has grown to successfully deliver its own distinct services dedicated to the Car Rental industry and forms part of PJM Group along with PJM Logistics, Lorry Park, Valeting and Security. 

We hold strong relationships with our customers and will work with you evey step of the way to deliver outstanding results.

Experts in the automotive industry and entrepreneurial at heart, we have challenged the process since 2002 continuously delivering innovation through all our brands and supporting the industry through membership and sponsorship.

  • Founded in 2002 and privately owned we are home grown talent with a nationwide presence.

  • Over 15 years growth in Nationwide Valeting for Car Auctions and the Car Rental Industry. 

  • In 2013 we commenced development of our own bespoke Vehicle Management System VMS. 

  • PJM Logistics Bristol launched in 2015, extending our key geographic coverage for clients.

Rapid and Responsive


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